25 years since Lufthansa returned to Berlin

TXL LH 25 Jahre

Almost 25 years to the day since the first Lufthansa aircraft landed in Tegel after reunification, Dr Karsten Mühlenfeld, CEO at Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, today welcomed the Deutsche Lufthansa AG CEO, Carsten Spohr, and the Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, as well as numerous guests and representatives of the media to Berlin Tegel Airport.

Not even a year had passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall before Lufthansa recommenced operations in Berlin on 28 October 1990. Lufthansa currently departs from Tegel Airport several times a day for Frankfurt am Main and Munich. All other German and European routes are flown by Lufthansa subsidiaries. And there are more plans in the pipeline for Berlin as a location. “We want to expand here significantly over the next few years as we believe that the role played by Berlin as an aviation location is growing”, claimed CEO Carsten Spohr. Accordingly, negotiations are underway to include Tegel in the long-haul network of the Group’s low-fares airline Eurowings.

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