Schönefeld Airport: extra check lanes in Terminal C

Terminal C

At Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, all passengers travelling with hand luggage only and who have already checked in can now avail of three new check lanes. Enabling handling of up to 500 more passengers per hour. For travellers, this means faster handling through shorter waiting times ahead of the security checkpoint.

The new check lanes with automatic boarding card checks are in Terminal C which is located between Terminals A and D, and has undergone conversion measures over the past five months. Larger work surfaces permit a high throughput and improved convenience for passengers. With the reopening of Terminal C, the number of check lanes at Schönefeld Airport has been increased from 12 to 15. Furthermore, to facilitate passenger orientation making sure they find their way without delay, almost 140 signs were adapted.

Capacity at Schönefeld Airport is to be further increased in future owing to the strong increase in passenger figures – October 2015 recorded a 19% increase over the same period last year.

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