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Sanierung B96a

From 14 March to 20 May 2016, passengers should expect traffic restrictions when travelling to and from Schönefeld Airport. This is due to reconstruction work being carried out on the B96a dual carriageway to and from Schönefeld Airport. While access to Terminals A to D will be ensured throughout the construction period, alternative routes and diversions will have to be set up while construction work is being carried out. Passengers are therefore advised to allow extra time for travelling to and from the airport by car. Detailed information on traffic routes during the three stages of construction is available by the following link:

Passenger Information is also available 24/7 on +49 30 6091-1150 or Twitter (@berlinairport) to answer any questions.

Passengers travelling by bus will also be affected by the diversions, as the bus stops around Schönefeld railway station will have to be relocated during the construction period. Bus passengers can contact the local and regional transport services BVG (www.bvg.de) and RVS (www.rvs-lds.de) in advance for more information on the changes.

Airport Info

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Our airport information staff can be reached 24/7.