Changes to the terms and conditions for checked baggage


In accordance with regulations issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) electronic cigarettes may no longer be taken on board in checked luggage. These devices have been found to pose a fire hazard, as a fault can cause the heating elements to accidentally activate themselves. E-cigarettes may only be taken on board the aircraft in hand baggage. Recharging these devices in the cabin is also prohibited.

Individual lithium ion batteries are also prohibited in checked baggage. Lithium ion batteries carried by passengers in their personal electronic devices, such as laptops, are not affected by this new restriction. However, spare batteries must always be carried in hand baggage.

We advise passengers to contact their airline prior to travelling to find out about whether other restrictions apply to checked or carry-on baggage.

More information about baggage restrictions can be found on the ICAO website (English):

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