Bodrum: the Turkish St. Tropez


On account of its elegance, Bodrum is often referred to as “the Turkish St. Tropez”. The harbour of this glamourous seaside resort is home to many yachts and it is here that the Turkish jet set likes to relax and unwind. No wonder – the town on the Aegean coast offers crystal-clear water, romantic bays and a 174-kilometre coastline.

In Bodrum, you can look forward to a lively cultural and party scene as it is home to many musicians and artists while the city centre has numerous restaurants, nightclubs and traditional shisha bars to offer. Thanks to its location and warm climate, Bodrum has evolved to become an ideal holiday destination where water sports enthusiasts and surfers will find optimum conditions.

Sights worth seeing


You can visit the underwater museum in Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller, and located between the two ports. The underwater museum is home to historic treasures salvaged from the sea and the ancient merchant ship is a must-see.

Bodrum also has a maritime museum dedicated to the traditional craft of shipbuilding. Exhibits include model ships, documents on fishing and shipping as well as a permanent exhibition on shells from all over the world.

White buildings clinging to the city slopes are characteristic of Bodrum. But you can also set off for ancient sights a little way outside of the city. The Myndos Gate and parts of the city wall are well-preserved as are the theatre on the mountainside and some temple ruins. You can also visit the remains of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus in Bodrum which was discovered during excavation work.

Bodrum is known for its culinary delicacies. One regional specialty is a particular pasty filled with spinach. But don’t forget to try the pasties filled with minced meat or lentils (manti) and Turkish pizza (lahmacun), too!


The international Bodrum-Milas Airport is approx. 30 kilometres from Bodrum city centre. Travel to the city centre by taxi or the airport shuttlebus (buses from “Havas” and “Muttas”). The journey takes approx. 45 minutes by shuttlebus and costs ten Turkish lira per person which is about 3.20 Euro.

The Berlin-based Germania airline will commence flights between Berlin and Bodrum on 5 May 2016. The city in south-western Turkey will be served from Schönefeld every Thursday. Flights will depart from Schönefeld at 12:20 and arrive in Bodrum at 16:20. Return flights from Bodrum to Schönefeld will depart at 17:05 and arrive at 19:30. Ticket prices include one item of luggage as well as a soft drink and a snack on board.

Airport Info

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