The birthplace of the Matryoshka doll


The Russian airline UTair is offering a new flight from Berlin Tegel Airport that links the German and Russian capitals. This flight will now be landing daily at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow.

The metropolis by the Moskva is brimming with magnificent pieces of architecture that send you reeling in amazement. Visitors can get a good feel for the city on Red Square, which is listed along with the Kremlin as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Probably the most impressive buildings on the Red Square are: St. Basil’s Cathedral, which is actually a collection of 9 individual churches with their own bright and colourful onion domes; the Kremlin, with its lofty walls and its 20 watchtowers (no longer in use); the mausoleum of Lenin, which lies just outside the Kremlin; the GUM department store on the other side of the square (a magnet for upmarket shoppers); and the red-brick State Historical Museum.

  • Saint Basil's Cathedral
  • Saint Basil's Cathedral
  • Moscow Kremlin
  • Moscow Kremlin
  • GUM (department store)
  • State Historical Museum
  • Moscow Metro
  • Moscow Metro

Discover Moscow on the metro

Fans of art and culture should pay a visit to the Bolshoi Theatre, as well as take the time to look around some of the many museums and galleries. A ride on the underground is also to be recommended, since the Moscow Metro is famous for its impressive train stations. Quite apart from the fact that taking the train is an easy way to explore the city, the routes are lined with marble, stucco, chandeliers and mosaics – which makes getting from A to B a rich cultural experience. The absolute must-sees are the stations at Novoslobodskaya, Kropotkinskaya and Komsomolskaya.

Home of the Matryoshka doll

Is there anyone not familiar with the Matryoshka? Even today, these sweet, brightly-coloured (sometimes even kitschy) dolls – each hollowed out to fit with a smaller wooden doll inside – are still being produced in Kirov. The Matryoshka Museum was closed in 2013 and can unfortunately no longer be visited. On the other hand, the dolls are now being sold in every size and design imaginable, providing a souvenir that will ensure you remember your trip to Moscow for a long time to come.

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