World Heritage City in the West Ukraine

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The centuries-old city Lviv at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains is decidedly one of Ukraine’s most beautiful. Virtually spared destruction during the Second World War, the city leaves nothing to be desired in terms of heritage and cultural history. Buildings from the Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical and Historicist styles rub shoulders with Art Nouveau and Art Deco exemplars, as if the perfect backdrop to a movie set. But only just! Cafés, musicians, business folk and particularly students bring the city to life. In 1998, the Old Town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and given its special flair, is in actual fact the backdrop for various film productions. Beyond the architectural diversity, varying cultural traditions have left their mark in Lviv over the centuries. Hospitality is second nature in this city so that coming into contact with neighbouring guests in any of Lviv’s fantastic coffee houses, if one is so inclined, is a matter of course. Flights with Wizz Air take off from Schönefeld every Wednesday and Sunday at 11.15am.

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