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The joint project "Spende Dein Pfand" at Berlin Tegel Airpor

Passengers can now donate their used deposit bottles at Berlin Tegel Airport – all for a good cause. The first perspex containers labeled with "Spende dein Pfand" (Donate your deposit) have been set up in Terminals C and D, with more to come. The joint project carries the same name as the cooperation between the airport company and the organisations Der Grüne Punkt, Goldnetz gGmbH (education and job opportunities provider) and the Berliner Tafel e.V. (the Berlin food bank).
Ten positions could already be created for long-term unemployed people through this initiative. The so-called 'deposit representatives', employed by Goldnetz, are responsible for the transport, setting up, emptying and cleaning of bins, as well as the subsequent sorting of deposit bottles. The organisation Der Grüne Punkt looks after the logistical side of things for the deposit bottles, whose entire proceeds are donated to the Berliner Tafel (food bank). A small bin can indeed make a big difference.

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