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You could almost say that Billund is just a sleepy ol' town in Jutland's Southwest. Why, then, is Denmark's second largest airport located there? Because sleepy is everything Billund is not. Not only can LEGO's headquarters be found here, but also the Legoland amusement park – a destination for families the world over. The heart of the amusement park is the so-called 'Miniland'. Ever since 1968, visitors both big and small have been able to discover the world in miniature. All the better, seeing that Ryanair now flies twice a week from Berlin Schönefeld to Billund, from September 8th.

Billund is also appealing to those who are not LEGO fans. Jutland's landscape charms with its apparent Nordic simplicity – be it with the seemingly endless marshland on the North Sea coast, or the slightly hilly landscape that dots the rest of the region. The next largest city in size near to Billund is Vejle, located at a fjord. An old windmill on a hilltop that looks over the ancient maritime trading city is certainly the city's landmark. Fans of architecture will also receive their fill, as the city is the go-to stomping ground for leading Danish architects. Bølgen, a residential complex in the shape of a wave, is bound to catch one's eye. Be it Legoland, nature or architecture – there is something for everybody in good ol' Jutland.

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