Lounge-Check after Check-in: Blogger Clemens Sehi tests out the C-Lounge

My airplane

TXL-PEK. Over nine hours of flight time are lying ahead of me. Only then can I land in Beijing, the capital city of China. But there's still time. No need to rush. And I've only just gotten to Terminal C at Tegel Airport. In just shy of an hour, I'll be boarding.

Check-in at the Hainan Airlines counter all goes quickly and according to plan, thanks to my business-class ticket. Luggage checked-in, visa and passport checked, I pass through security without a hitch. "Please visit our C-Lounge," calls the friendly attendant from the desk behind me. Ok, right you are. Not two minutes and around 40 meters later, I have security far behind me, and am standing at the entrance to the C-Lounge, not far from Gate 80. The woman at the entrance counter is just as friendly and gives me a welcoming smile as she introduces me to everything that the Lounge has to offer. Inside the exclusive waiting-area, a small buffet with cold and warm snacks of every kind awaits: from soup, croissants and salad, to apples and – of course, we couldn't do without them – Berliner doughnuts, the pastry of choice in Germany's capital city. Of course here however they're called Pfannkuchen. I treat myself to one at a window seat with a view of the airport's apron, and source myself a double espresso and a glass of mineral water from a large fridge, which offers a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Lounge with a view
  • Snack with a view

The atmosphere in the C-Lounge is comfortable. Over here, someone rustles their newspaper, disturbed only by the clinking of crockery and over there someone quickly types up one last email on their laptop. Speaking of emails! It suddenly occurs to me, that I wanted to write some too. I quickly whip out my laptop and begin to search for the best WiFi connection. I am pleasantly surprised to discover that the WiFi is just as fast as the check-in lady was attentive. That's when I notice that the areas next to the tables and chairs in the eating area and above the bar tables have plug sockets and USB outlets. Why not also quickly charge my phone?


I find a small highlight on the upper floor: an open roof terrace with a panoramic window, displaying the busy view of the hustle and bustle of the runways; of aeroplanes that have just landed and passengers that are just boarding. I wonder where they'll be jetting off to? I can also see my airliner, already prepared for departure. A quick glance at the clock and the take-off display monitors inform me that it's time to go. I walk back to the first floor, disconnect my smartphone and scurry out of the lounge. "Enjoy your flight to China, Sir…" says the woman again. "Yes… I suspect I will" I say to myself. I'm already looking forward to the next nine hours.

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