Kaliningrad – Between east and west

Kaliningrad – Between east and west

East and west at the same time – Kaliningrad stands at the intersection between both extremes and has become quite the unique city. Situated on the Baltic coast, it could almost seem that the Russian exclave is sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, and completely cut off from Russia. This is however not the case. The city, founded in the 13th century, is rather a link between the German past and the Russian modern age. What's better still, there's now a quick flight connection from Berlin: three times a week, RusLine connects Berlin-Tegel with Kaliningrad, being the first flight taking off from Berlin. The Kaliningrad oblast is the most westerly of the Russian Federation. The diverse landscape will enchant nature lovers: From the Romincka Forest and Vistula Lagoon to the Nemunas Delta wetlands. The Kaliningrad oblast achieved great fame from its amber reserves. On the coast, you will find the world's largest amber reserve, namely 90% of the world's supply. For this reason, the area is also commonly known as 'amber country'. The amber reserve attracts many collectors from around the world; however, mining is controlled by the state and is actually prohibited for hobby-collectors. 

The old city

Kaliningrad – Between east and west

Kaliningrad attracts visitors with its charm. Although the city was largely destroyed in the Second World War, over the last ten years, thorough restoration work has been undertaken. Meanwhile there are even plans to completely restore the old city. The home town of one of the greatest philosophers of the era of Enlightenment, Immanuel Kant, entices tourists with its theatres, museums and the 700 year old Königsberg Cathedral. Old Prussian buildings meet with socialist architecture, lending the city a certain flair. Here, you can feel both the tension and, at the same time, the unity of east and west. 

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