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A city of superlatives, world records, contrasts, wealth, the future: Dubai has many names and can live up to them all. The city has transformed from a small fishing village with only around 600 inhabitants (1830) to a glittering, fascinating and breathtaking metropolis with over two million residents (today). The capital of the United Arab Emirates is a place for travellers to be amazed and is a popular sun-soaked destination in winter. While over here frost flowers are blooming on the windows, travellers to Dubai can look forward to 15-28 degree temperatures in the sun, a seat in the shade and sheer relaxation on one of the many beautiful beaches in the city. Dubai is now just a flight away from Berlin. Condor is now flying once a week – every Monday – direct to DWC Dubai World Central Airport by full charter flight.

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A City of Superlatives

The list of landmarks and attractions is long. You should allow a little time to visit or see them all. But a rental car is not needed – with the Metro (the world’s longest automated, driverless Metro network in the world with almost 75 kilometres of tracks), a taxi (they’re not expensive) or with the Hop off, Hop on bus tours, the city is easy to explore. Dubai’s top tourist attractions include:

  • the Burj Khalifa (currently the tallest tower in the world at 830 metres, with two observation decks on the 125th and 148th floors offering breathtaking views of the city),
  • the Burj Al Arab (a sail-shaped luxury hotel at the foot of The Palm)
  • the Palm Islands or The Palm (two artificial archipelagos, which have been under construction and development since 2001),
  • the yacht harbour (the Dubai Marina),
  • the Dubai water fountains (The largest coordinated fountain system in the world is unique and impressive. The fountains start at 18:00 and should definitely be visited in the evening),
  • the Gold Souk (the city’s legendary gold market. However, everyday goods are also traded here),
  • the Jumeirah Mosque (the only mosque in Dubai that can be visited by non-muslims),
  • and for shopaholics, the Dubai Mall (with 350,000 square feet of retail space, it’s the largest shopping mall in the world. Candylicious, the biggest sweet shop in the world, can be found here).

A City of Contrasts

Visitors to the Heritage Village, where an oasis village with typical stone houses of the surrounding desert and mountain regions has been constructed, can learn about the old, little Dubai of yesteryear and the past of the Emirates. The traditional way of life and the population’s craft are recreated and demonstrated here. Hands on history, so to speak.

For Desert Adventurers

Adventurers around Dubai have every opportunity to get their money’s worth. Desert safaris in traditional SUVs, sand buggies or quads are offered from the city of Dubai, traditional Bedouin camps can be visited, and for those who’ve always wanted to meander across the desert, a ride on a camel is highly recommended.

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