The airport as a film set

filming in Tegel

Everyone knows the opening scene of the film “Love Actually” in London Heathrow Airport – couples fall into each other’s arms, families come together, friends celebrate seeing each other again after a long time. In all airports across the world, the meeting of arriving and departing passengers with their families and friends is a highly emotional moment. It’s no wonder that this moment is often captured in films. The Berlin airports Schönefeld and Tegel have also been the set for film productions – whether it be the successful US series “Homeland” or a film student’s graduation film. Clemens Köstlin filmed in Tegel a few days ago and told us why it was so special for him.

Berlin Airport: Where do you come from and what kind of film project is this?
Clemens Köstlin: I come from Berlin (Zehlendorf) and the film is my graduation film at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb).

Berlin Airport: Is Tegel Airport a special filming location for you?
Clemens Köstlin: Of course, Tegel Airport is a special filming location in many ways. The scene is the closing scene of the film and is therefore particularly important for the film. Furthermore, the airport fits visually very well to the rest of the film which is predominantly set in the Hansaviertel. The airport is also a special place of memories for every person from Berlin and for every person that visits Berlin – especially because we do not know how long it will still be active as an airport. We are grateful and happy to be allowed to capture this place in our film.

Berlin Airport: Do you have a personal favourite Tegel moment?
Clemens Köstlin: Hopefully this filming experience will become my new favourite Tegel moment. It is the last filming day of our film und is therefore the last filming day of my studies at dffb – that’s why it is automatically something special and something that I (hopefully) will remember for a long time.

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