Graz – also known as little Vienna


Graz is often referred to as 'little Vienna'. The former splendour of the Habsburg Empire, similarly to the capital, is still visible in Austria's second largest city. At the same time, the city offers a variety of modern architecture alongside the baroque cityscape. But that's just not enough: In the Old Town guests can discover some real architectural 'treats' from the Gothic, Classic and Art Nouveau movements. It therefore comes as no surprise, that Graz was the 2003 European Capital of Culture. Beautiful landmarks are the Gothic cathedral or Graz Castle in the Old Town, built in the 15th century. The Kunsthaus Graz combines old items with modern design. The cubic glass facade is the museum's distinctive feature. The architectural diversity is not only reflected in the cityscape, but also in the city life, for example the cafes. As in Vienna, Graz is rich with classic Austrian coffee-house culture. In addition to the traditional coffee houses, there are modern, Graz-ian hipster cafes, for example 'Café Mitte', where the typical coffee-house atmosphere is paired with Thai food. Graz has become a lively and modern city and holds the UNESCO title of "City of Design", marking its outstanding innovation and creative achievements.

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