Journey to Schönefeld Airport: roadworks on the A113

Roadsign direction Schönefeld

From the 2nd June 2018 most probably until the 17th August 2018 the motorway A113 (Schönefeld slip road) will undergo repair work between junctions Chaussee and Späthstraße in both directions. During the construction period, two roads will be available for each direction. The speed limit will be fixed at 60km/h. During traffic peak times further obstruction is expected.

Building phases:
• Firstly, the concrete surface in direction of Schönefeld will be replaced. The junction Johannisthaler Chaussee and access to the A 113 southbound along AS Späthstraße is completely closed.
• From the middle of July, the same northbound section will be repaired. The northbound section from Johannisthaler Chaussee junction, the AS Späthstraße southbound section and the Späthstraße northbound exit will remain closed whilst the repair works of the second section take place.

Diversions will be signposted as entrance to and exit from the A113 junction will not be possible, as it will be closed. (AS Johannisthaler Chaussee, AS Späthstraße).

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