Vegan, Hindu or Lactose-Free: Special Meals on Board


“Chicken or beef?” is often the question during food service on long distance flights. But what if we’d rather avoid meat, can’t tolerate gluten or are instructed to follow a low-calorie diet? No problem. On board need no-one go hungry.

For anyone who wishes to avoid meat or other foods for religious, health or lifestyle reasons, there is no shortage of alternatives. Up to 20 special menus are on offer in economy classes on long distance flights and at no extra costs to the passenger.

The next time you fly from Berlin to Doha (Qatar Airways), Beijing (Hainan Airlines), New York (Delta Air Lines, United Airlines) or Toronto (Air Canada rouge from 6th June) and would like a special meal, it is best to find out what the airline offers in advance. With budget airlines such as scoot (from 20th June from Tegel to Singapore), however, you order the menu on board and pay extra for it.

Important: order your meal well before departure. Preferably at the time of booking the flight. With some airlines you can order or reserve your special menu online or via phone up to 24 hours before departure.

The special meals are grossly divided into 4 categories: vegetarian meals, dietary dishes, religious dishes and children’s food.

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Vegetarian Food
Not all vegetarian food is the same. In this category, Indian dishes, pure vegan food and raw foods are on offer. The lacto-ovo vegetarian meal contains milk products and eggs. For those who only want to eat fruit, should order the fruit platter.

Dietary Dishes
You require specific nutrition for your personal health? From diabetic foods and gluten-free to allergy-free meals – airlines have also prepared themselves for these eventualities. In addition, there are reduced-calorie, low-salt, reduced-cholesterol and lactose-free dishes.

Religious Dishes

Flying is global and accordingly the nutrition guidelines of the larger religions are taken in consideration on board. Passengers can choose from Hindu (no beef or veal), Muslim (Halal without pork), Jain (no animal products, no root vegetables) and kosher (according to Jewish dietary laws).

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Children’s Menu
For children under two, there jars of baby food, and for children over the age of two, there are classics such as pancakes, pasta, chicken and chips. On board it is possible to heat up baby bottles and jars bought from home. It is recommended to always pack enough snacks for children in your hand-luggage on long distance flights.

Whether low-salt, halal or gluten-free – inform yourself before departure whether your desired special meal is on offer from the airline you have booked with.

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Safe flight and most importantly – enjoy your meal!

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