Renovations in Terminal D at Tegel

Einfahrt TXL

Following the travel intensive first holiday weekend (5th-8th July 2018) until 20th August 2018, renovations are taking place at Tegel Airport in Terminal D. The security control area will be expanded, in order to cope with rising passenger numbers and to reduce waiting times.

Selectively and at only one security checkpoint each time, there will be capacity restrictions during the main holiday period from 30th July to 8th August 2018. The boarding gate D70/71 is expected not to be available for the entire construction period. Within the scope of the renovations, a new Heinemann shop will also be built. It will reopen by the end of August. The expansion of the security control area will be supported by the federal police.

The renovations are being carried out primarily for Eurowings passengers, who are checked in at Terminal D. The construction period was consciously placed in the summer holidays, because the use of security control changes in this time. Business travel traffic with high amounts of hand luggage decreases as expected, but the amount of holidaymakers rises, who in contrast, are away for longer and mostly check in their luggage.

Punctual Arrival

Because of the high volume of traffic throughout the summer holiday, passengers of all airlines are asked to allow for sufficient time for check-in and security control. Passengers should definitely be at the airport two hours before departure time and go immediately to security control after check-in.

In order to avoid unnecessary waiting, it is recommended to inform yourself about the flight status, the opening times of the check-in counter, and the baggage regulations for your respective airline before setting off, either online or over the phone. Many airlines offer free online check-in.

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