Apprentices and students start their career

Auszubildende und Studierende starten ins Berufsleben

Today, 26 young men and women between the ages of 16 and 24 have begun their training or studies at the Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB). 17 apprentices start their apprenticeship training in commercial and technical training occupations, as well as nine students starting a dual-study programme. In the next two weeks, the trainees and students will first get an insight into the different FBB departments and the three airport sites. The highlight is a three-day trip to Mirow on the Mecklenburg Lake District where apprentices and dual-studies students get to know each other better through group activities. The “newcomers” then start their first practical assignments in specialist departments at SXF, TXL and BER. In the first year of training, the new apprentices and students will be supported by mentors from previous years with help and advice. The trainees’ theoretical training takes place in teaching blocks for a total of 13 weeks per training year, at a secondary school centre in Berlin or Brandenburg. With the three-year training for commercial trainees and three and a half years of training for the commercial and technical occupations, the apprentices will gain the IHK vocational qualification after passing examinations. Every three months, students will complete a science-related degree programme at the Berlin School of Economics and Law as well as practical assignments at FBB. After successful completion, students receive the Bachelor title.

The application period for training year 2019 has started

1st August is the start of the application period for the training year 2019. In the coming year, FBB will offer six apprenticeships and five study programmes. The application deadline is 31st October 2018.


     • Air transport officer

     • Electronic technician for information and systems engineering
     • Electronic technician for operational engineering
     • Mechatronic technician
     • Industrial technician
     • Protection and safety specialist

Courses of study

     • Business administration / service management

     • Business administration / real estate management
     • Business computer science
     • Technical facility management
     • Industrial electrical engineering

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