I’m packing my suitcase, but I’m leaving … at home

Verbotene Gegenstände im Reisegepäck

“I’m packing my suitcase and I’m taking … with me.” Who doesn’t know that popular memory game for filling time when you are on the road or just waiting. But being honest, how good are you when it comes to air travel and we turn the game around and ask … “I’m packing my suitcase but I’m leaving … at home”?

Prohibited baggage items

Symbol picture Security checks

Unfortunately it happens again and again that items have to be removed from checked baggage and that you are annoyed about losing the item at your destination. However, it is necessary to remove items in order to make your baggage safe and airworthy. The airport organises for such items to be removed on behalf of the airline and with the support of the Federal Police. In order to avoid any aggravation, it is therefore best not to transport items in your luggage that are not suitable for air travel. These are above all: powerbanks, e-cigarettes, fireworks und other pyrotechnic products as well as lighters. You will find the list of all items which are banned from being transported in your baggage in the general terms and conditions of your respective airline or here:

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