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Let’s go to Yerevan! The capital of Armenia is not yet considered to be one of the top travel destinations, but this city, located in the valley of the biblical mountain Ararat, has come to be regarded as an insider tip for tourists. Founded in the 8th century BC (before Rome, the Eternal City), Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world. The ruins of the once mighty Erebuni fortress and the History Museum of Armenia, to name just two places, tell of the country’s origins, its eventful history and its difficult historical heritage.
Yerevan is also called the “Pink City” because of its countless pink tufa-brick buildings. Its panorama is dominated by the snow-covered massif of Ararat. This mountain, on which, according to tradition, Noah and his ark landed, towers four kilometres above the city and can be seen from almost every point of Yerevan. Republic Square is the heart of the city and a magnet for locals and tourists alike. Monumental buildings, including imposing government buildings and the National Gallery of Armenia, are arranged in a ring around the large, vibrant square. The wide streets, which radiate outwards from it, invite you to stroll around, while the restaurants and cafes invite you to pause and relax.

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The charm of the city is often only revealed to visitors at second glance. It is the attitude to life, the light of the city and the many, rather small things that make Yerevan so special. Among them are the city’s distinctive coffee culture, numerous art projects and the impressive monuments.

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From Berlin-Tegel to the capital of Armenia twice a week

With Germania, Yerevan can now be reached from Berlin even more easily. The German airline with its green and white logo has now added another flight a week to its schedule. So far, flights have only operated on this route on Saturdays. There will now be another connection on Wednesdays. Either an Airbus A319 or A320 will be used on this route to Swartnotz International Airport (EVN). The flight takes about four hours.

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Armenian cuisine

Lovers of good food are in good hands in Yerevan. Armenians are considered to be very hospitable and communicative. Small cafes and restaurants can be found everywhere in Yerevan, inviting you to stay for a while. Aromatically spiced meat and vegetable dishes, juicy fruits and fine dried fruit are dominant features of the Armenian cuisine, along with wine and brandy. Armenian brandy is said to be one of the best in the world. Visitors should also definitely try the Armenian flat bread Lavash. The traditional bread has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.
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Armenia – a small jewel

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The Armenians also fondly call their country the Land of Stones. The small Caucasus country with its many monasteries, colourful festivals, idyllic mountain villages and the lively capital is a source of incredible fascination. If you are looking for something special on your travels, you will find it here. Unique mountain formations and landscapes inspire hikers and backpackers. From December to February, 33 kilometres of slopes tempt people to go skiing. In between, there are countless well-preserved cultural monuments (churches and monasteries), some of which seem to have been carved out of the rock and are absolutely beautiful. These stone witnesses tell of the long history of the oldest Christian nation in the world. They include the monasteries of Chor Virap, Geghard (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Norovank. The view from the world’s longest aerial tramway is spectacular. It is five kilometres long and leads up to Tatev Monastery. 

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