Cutting edge: The Moravian metropolis of Brno


Cutting edge: The Moravian metropolis of Brno


For many visitors, the Czech Republic ends at the outskirts of Prague. In recent years, however, Brno, located in the south-east of the country, has become a modern and friendly alternative to the capital. Once an industrial city and famous for its textile production, Brno is now known as the "Silicon Valley" of the Czech Republic. Since the 1990s, numerous high-tech companies, digital start-ups and technical universities have breathed new life into the old factory sites. Brno has developed into a thriving hotspot in Eastern Europe and will soon be only an hour's flight away from Berlin.


We would recommend the travelogue written by Kathi and Romeo to those who want to look deeper into the soul of Brno! Here, you can find great photos, helpful tips and lots of information for your own city trip to the Moravian metropolis. It will be easy to fly from Berlin to Brno from April 2019 onwards...

Mecca for Bauhaus fans


The dawning of the modern era dates back to 1918, the year the Czechoslovak Republic was founded. Brno was to become the capital; young architects from Prague and Vienna sensed their chance and came to the city in droves. Around 100 buildings from this period with their functional architecture shape the cityscape in large parts. The Tugendhat House by Mies van der Rohe (guided tours must be reserved in advance!) or the 1928 exhibition grounds are a must for all those who love Bauhaus architecture.

Brno is not only a city of modern art; it also has a long history. The Spilberk fortress from the 13th century, which together with the gothic Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul determines the silhouette of the city, bears witness to this. The Habsburg heritage of the city can also be seen in many places: the Old Town is dominated by the stucco facades of the Gründerzeit buildings.

Wine instead of beer


Pull an all-nighter in Brno! The numerous students (around 90,000 out of 380,000 inhabitants) bring colourful nightlife and cultural diversity to the city. New restaurants, pubs and clubs open every week, many of which do not advertise at all and rely on word-of-mouth and social media. So don't be afraid to ask locals for their recommendations and maybe end up in one of the many local bars! Although the Czech Republic is famous for its beer culture, the drink of your choice should actually be wine: South Moravia, around Brno, produces the best wine in Eastern Europe.

Fly from Berlin Schönefeld to Brno with Ryanair

After the launch of the summer flight schedule, Ryanair will be flying from Berlin Schönefeld directly to Brno twice a week. Starting on 2 April 2019, the flights will depart for the South Moravian metropolis on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The flight takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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