Can my power bank travel with me?


You are never without your smartphones, tablets etc. in everyday of your life, so why should you do without them while travelling? Many passengers use their technical devices before they depart, especially to pass the time while waiting. If you have a weak battery, a power bank provides independence and is therefore an indispensable part of many people's luggage. In order to take your power bank with you on your travels, however, you should be aware of a few regulations and observe them when packing your next suitcase.

Important: There are no binding regulations for taking a power bank with you. However, the International Air Transport Association has defined general regulations that airlines follow. In case of doubt, you should therefore always ask your airline directly to what extent the regulations apply to your flight.

Under no circumstances should they be in checked baggage

Power banks are permitted in principle, but they may not be carried in checked baggage under any circumstances. The danger of a fire caused by a short circuit creates a safety hazard, which is often prevented by removing the power bank from your luggage.

IATA allows people to carry power banks with a maximum total energy output of 100 Wh in their hand luggage. Any one person may carry up to 20 power banks, which are intended exclusively for the personal use of the passenger. It is more complicated with power banks with a rated power between 100 Wh and 160 Wh: according to IATA, each person may not board with more than 2 power banks, and they must be registered in advance with many airlines. Power banks with more than 160 Wh are not allowed in the aircraft. The nominal power of your power bank should be listed on your device.

Here is an overview of IATA’s recommendations:

Capacity in

Hand baggage Checked baggage
up to 100 Wh

(max. 20
acc. IATA)


between 100 Wh

and 160 Wh

(max. 2
acc. IATA)


more than

160 Wh

No No

We recommend that you read up about it before departing in order to avoid any surprises as you pass through security and during your flight. Airlines are increasingly tightening their regulations to prevent any hazards caused by power banks. Therefore, make sure that the rated power of your power bank is indicated on the device; otherwise you will most likely not be allowed to take it with you.

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