Passenger record 2018: 34.7 Million Passengers in the capital region


The airports in the capital region are again on a clear growth course. Nearly 35 Million passengers flew from or to Schönefeld (12.7 million) and Tegel (22.0 million). Thus, the Berlin airports have set up a new passenger record.

Passenger record 2018: 34.7 Million Passengers in the capital region

“The development of the number of passengers underlines again the internationally growing attractiveness of the capital region,” said the airport CEO, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup. “Whilst the AirBerlin insolvency caused sinking passenger numbers at other big airports in German, the growth trend at the capital airports is unbroken. On intercontinental connections, more people want to travel to us than Frankfurt and Munich together.”

In 2018, around 1.5 million more passengers (+7 Percent) were processed at Berlin Tegel Airport than the previous year, without the capacity having changed. Thus, Tegel has also proved that processing large numbers of passengers is not only a question of capacity figures: “To have managed this was rather the result of daily dedication of the employees of ground transport providers, the airlines and the airport company for a smooth as possible operation.” Exactly these experienced and well-rehearsed teams would also organise the flight operations at BER from October 2020, under significantly better infrastructure conditions.

With the gradual extension through buildings and contact positions for aeroplanes in accordance with the BER 2040 masterplan, the airport company is well prepared for the rising number of passengers. BER Airport begins with a capacity of 22 to 27 million passengers in the main terminal and for another 6 million in Terminal 2. In addition, Terminal 5 (terminals of the present SXF Airport – “Schönefeld Alt”) can process around 8 to 13 million passengers in the future. Thus the Capacity of BER exceeds the given covered volume of passengers in the first year. By 2040, capacity will be gradually created for 55 million passengers a year.

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