Accessible Air Travel


We support passengers with reduced mobility by offering our free Mobility Service at Schönefeld and Tegel airports. You can read everything you need to know about it in this article. 

Before your flight

At the airport, you will sometimes have to go up or down stairs or cover longer distances. We want you to start your journey safely and comfortably at our airports. That is why we have made sure that passengers with limited mobility can benefit from the special support provided by our Mobility Service. 

If you need to use this service at the airport, please inform your airline, tour operator or travel agency of what assistance you require when you book your flight, or at the latest 48 hours before your departure. If you only notify us of the assistance you require when you arrive at the airport, you will receive the same support, but you may have to factor in longer waiting times.

Classifying your degree of mobility

When you register with our Mobility Service, you will be asked to indicate the degree of your mobility impairment. There are international codes for this. If you do not know them, you can use this table to determine the degree of your own mobility impairment. 

Category Explanation
WCHR You can walk short distances and climb stairs.
WCHS You can walk short distances but cannot climb stairs.
WCHC You cannot walk or climb stairs on your own. You need a wheelchair at all times. 
BLND You are visually impaired or blind.
DEAF You are hard-of-hearing or deaf.
DEAF/BLND You are heard-of-hearing / deaf and visually impaired / blind.

You have an intellectual or developmental disability (e.g. learning disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer's, Down syndrome, etc.)

How to get to the airport

Please plan enough time before your departure from the airport. For domestic flights you should be at the airport two hours before your departure time, and three hours for international flights. 

If you are driving to the airport yourself or are being taken there by car, there are special car parking spaces available for people with reduced mobility in both Schönefeld and Tegel airports. In terms of public transport, buses run from the city centre to Tegel Airport. Regional trains and the S-Bahn (Flughafen Berlin Schönefeld Bahnhof) as well as buses, which stop right outside Terminal A, run to Schönefeld Airport.

The Mobility Service at the airport


The Mobility Service will support you throughout your time at Schönefeld and Tegel airports. When departing, our staff will help you with checking in, dropping off baggage, passing through airport security, in the catering and shopping areas, and they will accompany you to the departure gate and assist you with boarding. Upon your arrival in Schönefeld and Tegel, the Mobility Service will assist you in getting off the aircraft, making your way to the baggage claim area and passing through border controls and customs procedures. 

If you are flying from Schönefeld, please register at your check-in counter. The Mobility Service team will be informed immediately and will pick you up from the check-in area. 

If you are departing from Tegel, please report directly to the Mobility Services at the Service Center in Terminal A. You will be welcomed there and your specific needs will be met.

Flying with a wheelchair

If you are travelling with an electric wheelchair, it must be handed in at the oversize luggage counter. You will receive a Mobility Service wheelchair to use right up to when you board the aircraft. You can use your personal manual wheelchair right up to when you arrive at the boarding gate. At the gate itself, you will be seated in a smaller Mobility Service wheelchair so that your wheelchair can be safely stowed in the aircraft's hold. However, it is also possible to drop off your wheelchair at the oversize baggage counter in advance.

Flying with a guide dog

There are special rules for flying with guide dogs. Irrespective of the permissible weight limit, your guide dog may fly on board and can remain at your side throughout the journey.

You can find further information on accessible travel at our airports when you click on the following links:

Airport Info

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Our airport information staff can be reached 24/7.