Hidden Treasures accessible from Berlin


Are you still looking for inspiration for your holiday off the beaten track? We are going to introduce you to destinations that are still (!) real insider tips. From Berlin you can fly direct to numerous exciting metropolises in and outside Europe. Some of them are large, sparkling cities, like London, Rome and Paris, while others are little jewels which possess beauty and charm you have to discover for yourself. 

For nature lovers: At the burning mountain of Baku

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Just a few kilometres north of Azerbaijan's capital Baku, there is a natural spectacle which amazes visitors: the flames of the Yanar Dag (literally: burning mountain) blaze three metres high. The fire has been burning since antiquity. This spectacle is there due to a huge underground natural gas deposit. A visit to the Yanar Dag after dark is especially impressive. And what about Baku itself? The city is an exotic metropolis between Orient and Occident, characterized by Persian culture, Islamic tradition, socialist rule and the advent of modernity. Baku is also referred to as the "second Dubai" due to the oil boom which the country has been experiencing for several years.
Azerbaijan Airlines flies directly to Baku twice a week from Berlin-Tegel.

For epicures: No Georgian feast in Tbilisi is ever complete without cheese

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Khachapuri is to the Georgians what pizza is to the Italians: this hot cheese-filled bread is a classic in Georgian cuisine and is eaten for breakfast, as a snack or as a side dish. The importance of khachapuri as a Georgian staple food is also reflected in the so-called "khachapuri index", which was invented at the Tbilisi State University. This index calculates the cost of the ingredients for khachapuri in various Georgian cities, plus the energy costs for electricity and gas.
In Tbilisi, as the Georgian capital is called in the national language, you really can buy the delicious cheese-filled bread at every corner. In addition to khachapuri, Georgian cuisine also offers a whole range of culinary delights that is second to none and has long been known beyond the country's borders. Between meals Tbilisi of course offers plenty of other reasons to travel here: for example, you could swim in the famous sulphur baths, take a ride on the Ferris wheel high above the city in the Mtazminda amusement park or visit the numerous churches with their icon paintings. Take Georgian Airways to Tbilisi - on an empty stomach, or as empty as possible! This airline flies from Berlin-Schönefeld to the Georgian capital three times a week.

For hikers: The Picos near Santander

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The green high mountains of Picos de Europa, one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Spain, is only a stone's throw away from Santander in northern Spain. It is obvious how unique the Picos are when you arrive at one of the many vantage points: the proximity to the sea offers a fantastic view from above over the green coast of the Cantabrian Sea, over deep gorges and flowering meadows to bizarre rock formations. When the walk is over, you can return to Santander and enjoy some delicious tapas in one of the many restaurants on the magnificent El Sardinero beach. The attractive capital of Cantabria offers not only ideal hiking opportunities, but also the best conditions for a seaside or surfing holiday with its numerous sandy beaches. Ryanair flies direct from Berlin-Schönefeld to Santander every Tuesday and Saturday.

For night owls: Drinking beer in Brno

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Burn the candle at both ends in Brno! The Czech Republic's second largest city in the southeast of the country is famous for its lively nightlife and cultural diversity. New restaurants, pubs and clubs open every week, many of them do without advertising completely and rely on word of mouth and social media. So don't be afraid to ask locals for their recommendations! Strolling through the old town of the Moravian metropolis you can taste delicious Czech beer in the numerous pubs and bars (and last but not least help the Czech Republic defend its position in first place as the nation with the highest consumption of beer per capita!). But Brno also has a lot to offer during the day: among other things, the city is considered a Mecca for Bauhaus fans. The two most famous buildings from the Bauhaus era are Mies van der Rohe's Tugendhat House (guided tours must be booked in advance!) or the 1928 exhibition grounds. Once the summer flight schedule starts, Ryanair will be flying direct from Berlin-Schönefeld to Brno twice a week. Starting on 2 April 2019, the flights to the South Moravian metropolis will operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

For coffee lovers: Discover Little Vienna in Lemberg

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Lviv, formerly Lemberg, is in western Ukraine and is considered to be one of Europe’s undiscovered jewels. The city can look back on a rich history and numerous conquerors. Among other things, the legacy of almost 150 years of Habsburg rule can still be felt today in the numerous buildings in "Viennese style" (including the magnificent opera house) and the lively coffee house culture. Lviv's old town is well preserved and contains numerous architectural treasures: Gothic meets Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau. The old market place Ploshcha Rynok is the heart of the old town. Just a little hint: From the town hall’s tower which is 65m high, there is a wonderful view over the magnificent buildings that line the square - there are more than 40 in total. After the strenuous climb you can rest in one of the numerous coffee houses in the city. You must try a piece of syrnyk with your mélange - the cheesecake is a delicious speciality of Lviv. WizzAir flies from Berlin-Schönefeld to the Ukrainian metropolis every Wednesday and Sunday.

For maritime fans: Eat freshly caught fish in the port of Sète

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The port of Sète in southern France is about 30 kilometres from Montpellier. The most important fishing port of the French Mediterranean coast can be found here. Watching the fishing boats return in the morning accompanied by countless seagulls makes for a special spectacle. You can eat the freshly caught fish from the sea in the numerous restaurants at the port, while you enjoy the Mediterranean flair and the liveliness of the important port city. Not only fish lovers, but also oyster lovers will get their money's worth here: oysters are cultivated around Sète, which are not only served fresh in restaurants, but are also sold at numerous street stalls. Montpellier itself is an enchanting Mediterranean metropolis that combines a relaxed way of life with a wide range of art and culture. You should also pay attention to Montpellier's trams, which have been "clothed" by renowned designers. For example, line 3 wears Christian Lacroix. easyJet flies direct from Berlin-Tegel to Montpellier on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

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