Automated Bag Drop


At Berlin Schönefeld, passengers can now check in their luggage independently. 18 self-service kiosks and eight baggage handling machines have been installed in Terminal B. The self-service bag drop should increase check-in capacities, speed up airport procedures and reduce check-in waiting times, which should then help ease tensions especially during peak travel periods.

As a first step, the automated bag drop will be made available to easyJet passengers flying from Schönefeld, who total approximately five million people. In the future, however, the service will be successively expanded and be made available to all airlines.

And this is how it works

The automatic bag drop consists of two steps. The first station, the self-service kiosk, is used to register the baggage and print the baggage label. Passengers place their baggage on the scales and then scan the QR code on their printed or mobile boarding pass under the scanner. The baggage machine checks the weight of the bag according to the booking and prints a self-adhesive baggage label. The passenger can easily attach this to the handle of their bag by simply squeezing the ends together.

In the second step, passengers take their baggage to the bag drop station, where they place it on the belt. The baggage label and weight are checked automatically before the baggage is taken away via the baggage conveyor system. Passengers do not receive a receipt, as this information is stored digitally in their booking. The boarding pass is therefore sufficient proof that they have checked in their baggage. The baggage is now checked in and the passengers can proceed directly to security.

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