Actors of Development

Actors of Development

The further development of an airport is an ambitious task. From planning ideas to implementing construction measures, a huge number of people need to be brought in. New demands arise based on always-altering conditions (predictions, strict safety regulations, new technology, political decisions), and if new developments are derived from these conditions, the airport company makes plans for them.

Airport Files an Application

As a so-called “scheme provider”, the airport reports its plans to the upper aviation authorities responsible for their approval. Here it’s decided which approval procedure will be used and what expert reports the authorities require for the approval procedure. If a change in the planning approval is necessary, then the airport company files an application. Planners and evaluators get tasked with developing the plans, substantiating them, and evaluating the scheme’s effects. 

Lengthy Planning Process

Often what sounds simple is in reality a lengthy planning process, until all necessary documents can be handed in to the responsible authorities. In the case of changes to a planning approval, the upper aviation authorities enlist several public authorities, public agencies, as well as environmental associations and, if necessary, affected individuals who can take a stance on the scheme.

All objections are evaluated and considered until a filed scheme can be decided upon. But even if a change to the planning approval has been decided upon, it can’t be implemented just yet. For example, additional building applications still need drawing up for new buildings, and the building regulation commission is responsible for this. Only once this hurdle is cleared can the cranes come rolling in.

Public Agency Involvement

Public agencies are governing and specialist authorities in public specialised fields, who, if needs be, are brought in for planning approval procedures or urban land-use planning.

  • Federal authorities, federal police
  • Upper regional authorities, ministries, State Office for the Environment, national police
  • Lower regional authorities (county), conservation, water, ground protection etc.
  • Local authorities
  • Public utility and waste management companies (energy, water, telecommunications etc.)
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