easyJet celebrates 15 years in Berlin


When easyJet opened its first German base in Schönefeld in April 2004, it was clear that the airline was going to put its own stamp on aviation in Berlin. At the time, nobody would have imagined that Berlin would become easyJet's most important location outside of the UK – but easyJet has left a significant mark on Schönefeld with continuous expansion of the route network, further airplane deployments and steady passenger growth. With the opening of the Tegel base and the associated growth that came with it, easyJet became the largest airline in Berlin in 2018. To date, more than 61 million passengers have flown to and from Berlin with easyJet, of which more than 10 million of those were from last year – and that number is rising. 

Milestones 2004 – 2019

easyJet Wasserfontäne SXF

Welcome to Berlin! The first easyJet plane landed in Schönefeld on 28 April 2004 and was duly welcomed with jets of water. At the time, easyJet launched its first German base with four aircraft stationed at Schönefeld and routes to twenty European destinations. The arrival of the airline with its striking orange and white finish also marked the turning point of Schönefeld Airport's development – easyJet brought the "Low Cost Airline" to Berlin and breathed new life into Schönefeld. Just three months after the first flight, passenger numbers rose by 63.7%. All expectations were exceeded when after only eight months, Schönefeld welcomed the one millionth easyJet passenger – by 2006, five million passengers had flown with the British airline.

10 Jahre easyJet Jubiläum

Since the first flight, easyJet has continuously grown and developed its base and its route network. By the tenth anniversary in 2014, the airline already offered connections to 44 destinations and flew more than 30 million passengers to and from Berlin.

Hallo Tegel - easyJet

With the slogan we'll Tegel-care of it! (Wir tegeln das!), easyJet launched flights from Berlin-Tegel and now offers domestic German flights. The first flight towards Munich marked the opening of the second Berlin base; and Berlin became the most important easyJet location in mainland Europe. The route network and market share is growing rapidly: The airline's flight plan* includes almost 120 routes to more than 90 destinations from Schönefeld and Tegel in 2018 – as a result, easyJet has emerged as the biggest airline at the Berlin airports.

* (year-round flights, summer and winter destinations)

Impressions of easyJet in Berlin

  • easyjet nachts in SXF
  • easyjet am Gate in SXF
  • easyjet Flugzeuge auf dem Vorfeld SXF
  • easyJet Abflug TXL mit Tower
  • easyJet Ankunft TXL mit Fernsehturm
  • easyjet in Dämmerung TXL
  • easyjet taxiing TXL
  • easyJet Tails in TXL
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