To Odesa and Tel Aviv now with Ryanair

Odesa Potemkinsche Treppe

Here, the beach is right on your doorstep: From October, Ryanair will be flying from Berlin-Tegel to the Ukrainian port city Odesa and also to the popular Israeli metropolis Tel Aviv. The Irish airline will arrive on the Ukrainian Black Sea coast twice a week on Mondays and Fridays from 28 October. Ryanair will be taking off from TXL daily to Tel Aviv on the eastern side of the Mediterranean from 27 October.


In total, Ryanair offers 60 destinations from Berlin – this winter (2019/2020), the Irish low-cost airline will take off to eleven destinations from Tegel. Additional new winter routes include Alicante (three times per week), Brindisi and Faro (twice per week), Luxembourg and Málaga (four times per week), Naples (five times per week) and Milan, which is flown to daily. From Schönefeld, the airline will fly to a total of 49 destinations this upcoming winter. The four new summer destinations – Brno, Czech Republic; Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina; Tallinn, Estonia and Lappeenranta, Finland – will continue to be served.

Odesa – Port metropolis on the Black Sea

Odesa Opernhaus

"Here it breathes of Europe", once said the famous Russian writer, Alexander Pushkin, about the charming city on the north-western coast of the Black Sea, because since its founding just over 200 years ago by Catherine the Great, numerous nationalities have shaped the city. Whether for a city break or as a starting point for a trip around the Black Sea, visitors to the city should absolutely see the famous Potemkin Stairs (well-known from Sergei Eisenstein's film Battleship Potemkin), the promenade Primorsky Boulevard or the shopping and strolling promenade Derybasivska. The opera house of Odesa is also worth a visit and considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The cosmopolitan and colourful port city not only entices visitors with varied architecture and sight-seeing, but also with long hours of sunlight, white beaches and the gentle Gulf of Odesa coast.

Tel Aviv – City break on the beach

This city combines a young, hip lifestyle with tradition and millennia-old history like no other. Tel Aviv-Yafo – in 1950, Tel Aviv was merged with the port city Yafo – is the largest metropolitan area in Israel. The vibrant, modern centre can be found in Tel Aviv, while the original Yafo will win you over with its narrow, labyrinthine alleys and Eastern flair. The iconic flea market in Yafo is great for browsing antiques – and haggling is a must! Tel Aviv is also known for its creative gastronomic scene. Not only can you sample local Israeli dishes such as “gefilte fish” or hummus, but the city is also a culinary melting pot where European cuisine meets Eastern and Asian cuisine. And there's hardly anywhere else where you can let your hair down like here – Tel Aviv is considered a party capital and offers an abundance of bars, clubs and an exciting music scene. Relaxation can also be found on the numerous heavenly beaches which stretch over a total length of 14 kilometres.

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