More frequent flights to Toronto this summer

Air Canada Rouge

Toronto, the lively metropolis on Lake Ontario, is only a direct flight away from Berlin this summer – from now, fly across the Atlantic four times a week non-stop from Berlin-Tegel. Starting 23 June 2019, Air Canada Rouge will increase their flight offerings, with nonstop flights up to six times a week throughout the summer to the Ontario capital, until 16 September. The route to Canada is therefore almost daily, except on Saturdays, in the flight schedule. Travellers wishing to experience the enchanting Indian summer in eastern Canada can use the non-stop connection four times a week until 13 October. The flight across the pond takes just under nine hours in total. 

By the way: Today's first flight of the 2019 summer season is CO2 neutral! Together with Air Canada Rouge, this year the airport is celebrating the increase of flights to Toronto by supporting projects of a German charity based in Berlin and Dresden, Wilderness International. With the money from carbon-offsetting, Wilderness International is buying ecologically valuable wilderness areas in Canada to ensure legally compliant protection of these areas.

Diverse and pulsing with life: Welcome to Toronto

Air Canada Rouge

Cities of millions can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming because of their size – but not Toronto. The Canadian provincial capital on Lake Ontario is wonderful to discover on foot, by bike or by tram. You will hardly ever be lost in the metropolis, which is laid out in a grid pattern – if so, locals would be glad to help. Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods: colourful, diverse and exotic. Neighbourhoods such as Chinatown, Little Italy and Greektown have their own individual charm and they cultivate their traditions to this day. Hotspots like Kensington Market and West Queen West attract artists and creatives, while Toronto's Downtown business district displays the modern face of the city.

Discover Toronto's cuisine by bike

Air Canada Rouge

Toronto has 140 neighbourhoods according to its official census. Our tip: Get on a bike and enjoy the freedom of riding from one neighbourhood to the next, since Toronto has a large number of bike rental companies. Along the way, it is important to often take a break to recharge your batteries and discover the culinary diversity of the city. The day fades away into dusk wonderfully on the Toronto Islands beach, and from the ferry you have a fantastic view of Toronto's skyline with the remarkable CN Tower – on the island beach, you'll forget you're even in a big city.

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Ontario: The Land of a Thousand Islands

"Glistening Waters" was what the Native Americans once called Ontario and the region between the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay. Nature lovers can experience the Canadian wilderness like in a picture book: endless broadleaf and conifer forests, natural parks and, above all, countless rivers, lakes and streams. There are around 400,000 bodies of water in total in Canada's second largest province – including the world-famous Niagara Falls. In short – Ontario is best explored from the water. Highlights include a canoe tour through the gorgeous countryside and wildlife of Algonquin Provincial Parks.

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