Compensatory Measures


The FBB is Developing and Cultivating Nature in the Airport Region

It’s as big as 2,000 football fields: the area of the BER airport spreads out across an area close to 1,500 hectares in the north of county Dahme-Spreewald. Since 2006, a new landing runway has been built, alongside a giant terminal building, and taxiways and parking spaces for airplanes. Of course, the landscape doesn’t look the same here as it once did; ramifications for nature are inevitable.

For many years now, the airport company has been taking care to compensate for this impact on nature in other locations in the airport region. The many compensatory measures range from the planting of trees and hedges, the planting and landscaping of forests, the creation of waterbodies, all the way to the inspection and maintenance of the newly created habitats for flora and fauna. Various sophisticatedly created and cultivated estate parks have thus emerged, alongside parks and ecologically revalued landscapes in locations which were once sewage farms or stark lowlands. In doing so, varied and valuable habitats have been created for animals and plants, which also offer the chance for people to hike, explore, and relax. These many measures already form a “green band” around BER, and can also be found in the Zulöw Lowlands between Rangsdorf and Mittenwalde. In order to sustain the success of these measures, FBB GmbH is assuming the responsibility of their optimal development for a period of 25 years.

The Rangsdorfer Lake Fish Ladder

was put in as part of the FBB’s compensatory measures. It replaces a dam that once posed an insurmountable obstacle for migratory species of fish. Today, the fish ladder enables various species of fish to migrate from the Rangsdorfer Lake to the adjacent bodies of water.

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