This is what you should pay attention to when booking your flight


The summer travel season has begun and many travellers are still looking for special last-minute offers. Numerous websites draw you in with specials and promotions, and then you are just a few clicks away from your dream holiday. But it is easy to lose track with the different fare systems of the travel portals and airlines. What should you really pay attention to when booking a flight on the internet?

When booking online: Seeing through the modular system

The fare structures work differently on all booking pages, but now almost all airlines offer low-cost basic fares where you can book additional services for an extra charge. You usually book using a modular system that displays the various fares and the services they include. You should note the following when making a booking:

• The low basic rate usually includes one piece of hand luggage. All other additional services (checked baggage, food, and selecting your own seat) can be booked separately for an extra charge.
• The next fares up include other services in addition to hand luggage, which vary depending on the airline and fare system.
• If you choose the most expensive full fare, you can travel without worrying about anything – you can take a large suitcase free of charge, and you can choose your preferred seat when you check in online.
• Please note: If you book several other services in addition to the basic fare, the next fare up may be cheaper, as certain services are already included in this option.
• Hand luggage regulations vary from airline to airline in terms of size and weight; so consider whether you would like to book one piece of baggage or the next fare up with additional baggage included.
• As a general rule, all additional services that you pre-book online with your flight are often cheaper than booking an additional piece of luggage, for example, at the counter shortly before departure.

Special services and insurance: Tips for your trip

In addition to booking flights, there are also a number of special services and types of insurance that you should consider for your trip. Especially in the case of insurance, it is often not clear which of these are required. You should consider the following when planning your trip:

• If you have reduced mobility, you should ideally request the free Mobility Service at the airport when booking your flight. You can find further information here: 

• You should get foreign health insurance no matter what, as statutory health insurance schemes do not cover all costs even within the EU.
• Travel cancellation insurance is particularly useful for more expensive trips. Otherwise you usually pay the full price if you cancel last minute. It is valid until the date of departure.
• Travel interruption insurance: This option should ideally be included in a travel cancellation insurance package. It is valid from the start of the trip.
• Luggage insurance is worthwhile if you have valuable luggage. Luggage which is delivered too late should also be insured here so that replacement clothing etc. is reimbursed.

Checklist before departure: What you should do before your departure

Shortly before your departure, you should do a few things at home that will reduce the time you spend waiting around at the airport and also save you money:

• Check in online before departure. This usually saves you additional costs and means you don’t have to queue up at the airport. You can check in for most flights online at least 24 hours before departure.
• Check that your luggage does not exceed the dimensions and weight specified. It is usually cheaper to book an additional piece of baggage online in advance than at the airport.
• If you are going to arrive by car, it is easy to pre-book a parking space at the airport online. Further information can be found here: 

• In the summer, there is an increase in the number of passengers. Be sure to plan on arriving at the airport in good time!

We hope you have a pleasant journey!

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