Growth at German Airports

Growth at German Airports

A steady growth in passenger numbers is not only noticeable in worldwide flight traffic, but also in Germany as a whole: Although traffic on some routes is shifting onto rails, the tendency towards flying in Germany remains unbroken: 34.7 million passengers were processed at German airports in 2018 alone. This poses the question as to how expansion projects at airports can be developed to handle these passenger numbers, and at the same time how the region can be made more appealing as a business location.

Airport Expansion in Germany

Having processed 70 million passengers in the year 2018, Frankfurt Airport is one of the main European hubs of air travel. In order to increase passenger capacity, a third terminal is currently being developed there, which is set to be built in several stages. Consisting of three piers, the new terminal will allow for the processing of 25 million additional passengers.

There are also plans for airport expansion at Düsseldorf Airport. A plan approval procedure is currently underway which will increase capacity and also allow for an increase in the number of take-offs and landings by day. In order to implement the requested flight movements, construction measures are necessary at aprons, taxiways as well as one of the piers, amongst others. Moreover, comprehensive compensatory measures are currently being implemented in the vicinity of the airport (forest restructuring, planting trees).

At Munich International Airport, various construction projects are planned for years to come. Terminal 1 is set to be altered and expanded in order to essentially improve the quality of service and stay for passengers and introduce a new pier. A myriad of construction measures taking place at Munich International Airport also serve the development of the region as a business location, including real estate projects that should attract companies to settle in the region.One of these projects under development is the LabCampus, a centre for research and innovation in the airport vicinity.

Expansion at BER

In order to deal with the increasing passenger numbers in the capital region, an adaption of infrastructure is currently required in Berlin as well, as has been reported. Expansion measures are therefore already in the planning phase at the future capital airport BER. Used as a company-internal model, the so-called 2040 BER Master Plan budgets in not only additional terminals for the purpose of passenger processing, but also real estate projects. Various projects are planned to be implemented on the airport grounds in the coming years, including for example office and hotel buildings, as well as a service centre. The development of the airport as a business location will consequently facilitate sustainable growth in the airport and its vicinity.

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