Clear CO2 Reduction at Berlin’s Airports


Airport association ADV passed a resolution today to undertake the ACI strategy „Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2050“ for German airports. In addition to this, German airports already stipulated an aim of a CO2 reduction of 50% by 2030 some time ago. According to an investigation carried out by the airport association ADV, CO2 emissions up to this point were already lowered by 24% across airports between 2010 and 2018. Calculated with respect to the individual passenger, this is a reduction of 42%.

The Berlin airports also support the ACI strategy.
Airport CEO Lütke Daldrup: “For this to happen, we will draw up a concrete strategy. Our aim is for BER to operate climate neutrally by the year 2050.” The FBB has been committed to CO2 reduction for a long time now, having ushered in a modern fleet management with 50% electric cars for employees as well as a company bicycle programme.

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