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The Kingdom of Jordan is still one of the insider tips for tourism in the Middle East. Those who want to discover destinations off the beaten track can expect fascinating experiences in this Arab country.

Rent a car in Jordan if you have a thirst for discovery

Of course you can only fly to Aqaba or Amman. You can reach both cities directly from Berlin. Each is impressive in its own right and a week's holiday here will just fly by. Aqaba is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and divers, while Amman is a lively city full of contrasts. But if you want to get to know Jordan better with all its breath-taking nature, you can also visit both cities and discover numerous other sights along the way. This is no problem with a rental car, for example. Jordan is a very hospitable country. People are helpful and friendly, but not intrusive. Many Jordanians speak English. Road signs are in both Arabic and English. The traffic rules are almost the same as in Germany. This blog shows what you should keep in mind nevertheless.

Starting in Aqaba

A good starting point for a trip in Jordan is Aqaba. The lively port city on the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea is a hotspot for divers and snorkelers. Here you can find dreamy coral reefs, a fascinating underwater life and an old shipwreck under water. If you just want to go swimming, you can do so at the free city beach. In short, you can enjoy another really refreshing dip here, before you continue your journey in your rental car, onwards into the impressive desert to Wadi Rum.

Off into the desert to Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, the Bedouin desert valley, is a good hour's drive from Aqaba. With its imposing red-brown and rugged mountain ranges, it once served as the location to shoot the film “Lawrence of Arabia”. This uniquely beautiful desert landscape covering an area of 74,000 hectares is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bedouins have lived here for many generations, and you can spend the night with them under a starry sky. Bedouins live very simply, as nomads do. They sleep in tents or caves, live mainly from livestock farming and continue to cultivate ancient traditions as an extended family. During the day, you can experience the desert while riding Arabian horses or dromedaries or camels. Mountaineering and jeep tours are also popular.

Petra – the lost city

Petra Jordan

The trip continues by car from Wadi Rum to the famous ancient rock city of Petra. Petra is one of the oldest settlements in the Middle East. This city is more than 2000 years old and is the ancient capital of the Nabataeans. Indeed, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, being one of the seven new wonders of the world, it is considered Jordan's most famous sight. Petra is known as “the lost city”, as it remained undiscovered for centuries, and it is often also called “the red city” for its high reddish rock faces. You won’t forget these impressive rock formations in a hurry. Even the main entrance to the city, the Siq, a gorge about 70 meters deep and 1.5 kilometres long, is magnificent. The 600 tombs carved into the rock walls are particularly fascinating. You should start sightseeing as early as possible in the morning, as the paths in the rock town are long (but can be shortened with donkey and camel rides) and the light on the treasure house is best in the morning and evening hours.
You can find more tips for your stay in Petra in this blog:

Swimming in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Why not make a detour to the Dead Sea before continuing on to the hubbub of Amman? There are no living creatures in the Dead Sea (hence its name). Experience pure relaxation when you simply let yourself drift in the water, which has a high salt content. It is said that the clean air and the special salt increase physical well-being. Skin conditions and allergies should be alleviated here. This blog is about how unique bathing in the Dead Sea is and about the preparations necessary.

Last stop: Amman

Amman 3

In Amman, the lively and multicultural capital of Jordan, you can safely exchange your rental car for a taxi. Amman is regarded as the treasure chest of the Orient. You can easily allow for one or two days in Amman to visit the citadel with its Archaeological Museum and the well-preserved Roman Theatre. From the citadel, you have a great view of the lively Arab metropolis with its endless sea of houses. The atmosphere during sunset and prayer time is especially overwhelming. If there is still room in your suitcase (Amman is a shopper’s paradise), we especially recommend a visit to Suq Jabal Hussein and Feisal Street. Those who have the skills required should definitely haggle. At the end of your trip around Jordan, the best place to relax is the Hammam.

From Berlin to Jordan

Jordan is very well connected to Berlin with two direct connections. As indicated in the new winter flight schedule, easyJet will be flying from Schönefeld to Aqaba once a week on Saturdays. The airline Royal Jordanian will be taking off at Tegel towards the capital Amman up to four times a week all year round.

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