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Price of Building Plots in Airport Vicinity Sharply Risen

Quite some time ago, project developers, communities, or property owners put up signs in the airport vicinity reading “Building Plots For Sale”. Today, however, the demand for building plots is similarly high as the demand for sale back then. Those who nevertheless wish to purchase attractive building plots have to dig deep into their pockets, a fact also known by Jürgen Kuse, Head of the Panel for Land Value in the Dahme.Spreewald district (LDS). “The prices here in the area surrounding Berlin have more than doubled in the last four to five years. This has happened in a way seen in no other region of Germany.”

Price of Building Plots Risen Enormously

Last year, potential purchasers of land had to spend an average of 188 euros for one square metre of building plots, which is an increase of another 30 percent when compared to 2017. In general, the standard land value for residential and mixed-use areas has increased considerably each year over the last five years. At the same time, the number of purchases has remained relatively stable (currently 865) due to a shortage of offers. Whereas the revenue invested in plots in 2018 rose from 653 to a remarkable 775 million euros, just over 300 million came from the Schönefeld municipality, as shown in the figures of a recently published market report on property in the county. A higher value has never been reached in all 26 years of the county’s existence.

Living in a Natural Setting and Demand for Urbanity

Evaluations made in the course of a survey for Wohnungspolitischer Kompass 2019 revealed that, among other things, the deciding factors in searching for a place of residence are “living in a natural setting, central location, and a good public transport connection.” These are exact factors which are combined in the sought-after airport vicinity, as a perfect symbiosis of a place of work and a place to live. This is also reflected in the purchase prices for detached and semidetached houses: the average purchase price in Königs Wusterhausen alone comes to 300,000 euros. Another positive factor for this development might be the fact that the eastern German region of Dahme-Spreewald is the county with the highest tax revenue and is one of the front runners when compared to the rest of the country.

Price of Building Plots in Overfly Areas Likewise Risen

In the context of discussions about noise pollution due to the airport, rumours circulated about a decline in the developments of land value have not been confirmed. As stated in the current market report on land value, “no genuinely significant connection can be made between concerns about flight routes and sinking land value or land value increasing at a diminished rate.” In fact, the price of building plots is even increasing in areas of overfly areas. For the time being, expert Kuse does not see an end to the dynamic development of the region: “The region close to berlin, as well as the second row  behind is just so attractive that the demand for land value will continue to exceed the offer.” His theory is also supported by the fact that Brandenburg has designated the highest number of building licenses as residential units in the Dahme-Spreewald district.

You can find the market report on land value as well as information on the structural implementation of noise abatement measures here:

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