More Convenience at Schönefeld

Press tour Pier 3a

Pier 3a, part of Schönefeld Airport’s Terminal A, has been brought back into service. The two-storey building was completely rebuilt, and now offers travellers more convenience as well as improved operating procedures.

Press tour Pier 3a

The ground floor now contains an open waiting area with five gates. In addition to that, there is now a Sandwich Manufaktur shop and an Augustiner beer bar for travellers both arriving from and about to take off to the Schengen area. With over 400 additional seats capable of charging mobile devices as well as the renovation of the WCs, the quality of passenger’s waiting time has been improved substantially.

Press tour Pier 3a

Another open waiting area has been developed upstairs, offering four gates for non-Schengen outbound travellers, who can catch a bite to eat and a drink to drink at the Wunderbar before their flight. Passengers walk through the centralised border control by the German Federal Police before entering the waiting area. In the future, arrivals to the non-Schengen area will take place at the central arrival areas in Terminals A and D.

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