Area Growth: FBB New User of ILA Grounds

Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung Berlin (ILA)

The ILA Berlin Air Show has been a crowd puller for decades now. Taking place every two years in the spring, it is a meeting point for the aerospace industry, where flight devices and technologies relating to flying and space travel are presented.

ILA is the most important specialist trade fair for the aerospace industry in Germany and is classed among the Aerosalon in Paris and Farnborough Air Show in England as one of the world’s major and most important trade fairs for the industry. It has taken place every two years since 1912.

The trade fair has been taking place on the grounds of the ExpoCentre Airport Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (ECA) for a good ten years now. As a co-proprietor of the ECA, the Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg (WFBB) has made a substantial contribution to establishing ILA in the capital region for the long term. Flughafengesellschaft Berlin Brandenburg (FBB) has now acquired the ECA from their former associates Messe Berlin and Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg GmbH (WFBB).

The FBB is extremely interested in the continuation of ILA beyond 2020, as the event strengthens the air traffic location of BER economically as well as anchoring it internationally. The airport will support the trade fair as long as the organisers of ILA stick to the location. Flight traffic at BER will not be limited as a result of this; in fact, both parties plan to develop a concept which will enable their coexistence and, in addition to conducting ILA, utilise the grounds to the fullest and in the best way possible.

Cheap Car Parks in the Works

The grounds stretch an area of around 760,000 square metres. The so-called core grounds stretch an area of 13 hectares and have been built up with three similarly sized halls (in total around 20,000 square metres of gross floor area. Both car parks are some 52 hectares in size and offer around 12,000 parking spaces. The supplementary areas are some 11 hectares in size.

From now on, the FBB will have the chance to autonomously use the land at the western edge of the airport at the end of the southern runway. Parts of the available car parks will offer cheap long-term parking spaces, for instance during the summer holiday season. Necessary structural investments in other parts of the airport land will be economised by using available halls. The construction of new halls is not scheduled at the moment.

Despite the intensive use of the areas and halls of the ILA grounds by the FBB, ILA is meant to remain at BER in the long term. This has been agreed upon by the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, Messe Berlin, and the airport company in a letter of intent towards the organiser of ILA, the BDLI (Federal Association for the German Flight and Space Industry).

ILA 2020

Over 180,000 people visited ILA 2018, with around 1,100 exhibitors representing 40 countries. The next ILA is taking place from the 13th to the 17th of May 2020. You can find more information at:

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