Travel Preparations for Flying


Relaxed travel begins at home. This also includes the correct packing of your luggage.

You should first confirm your baggage weight limits with your airline before your flight. Make sure to take note of what you stow in check-in and hand luggage to avoid any nasty surprises at the airport’s security checks.

  • Tips on hold baggage regulations
  • What can go in hand luggage and what can’t?
  • A practical checklist for packing luggage:

Online Check-in: Save yourself the trip to the check-in counter

Check in online before your flight from the comfort of your own home or on the way to the airport. Each airline specifies when online check-in opens, but in most cases, online check-in is available at least 24 hours before departure.
Other benefits of online check-in:

  • You have an overview of any available seats on your flight and are able to choose your seating position.
  • Drop off checked-in luggage without having to queue at the baggage drop counter.
  • If you just have hand luggage, you’re able to head straight to security and your gate with your boarding pass and identification document / passport.

Find more information on online check-in here (in German):

Getting to the airport: Not at the last minute!

Allow for enough time to make your way to the airport – the roads can get busy too. We generally recommend you arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure.
If you are flying from Schönefeld and are arriving by car, it is recommended you book a parking space at the airport in advance. This will save you hunting for a space upon arrival.

If you are arriving via public transport, stay up-to-date on possible train delays and cancellations.

At the airport – quickly from A to B

For short and direct journeys at the airport, you can find out in advance where to find what and how to get where. You can find the site maps for Schönefeld and Tegel here:

At Tegel Airport, you can also orientate yourself with the help of indoor navigation, available via the Berlin Airport app. The app offers other numerous helpful tips and services for both Berlin airports. Available free of charge on iOS and Android.
We wish you a relaxed start to your holidays!

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