Coronavirus: Latest Travel Restrictions


(As of 27 March 2020) Several countries have issued entry bans and special inspections for particular groups or flights from particular regions. This also applies in part to those travelling from Germany.

The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany is currently warning against unnecessary tourist travel abroad since further increasingly drastic restrictions on international air travel and travelling in general, quarantine measures and restrictions to public life can be expected in many countries. At the moment, the risk of travellers not being able to make their return journeys home is high in many countries due to these increasing restrictions.
In some cases, changes to entry and quarantine provisions are being made without any warning and with immediate effect. A considerable number of travellers in several countries are currently affected and being prevented from continuing their journeys or returning home.

Travellers who have to make a necessary, non-tourist trip are, therefore, requested to check the Federal Foreign Office website for the currently valid travel restrictions before starting their trip.

Travel restrictions

To further contain the risk of infection by the coronavirus, the Federal Ministry of the Interior has ordered extensive entry restrictions at Germany’s external Schengen borders as of 17 March 2020. The regulations will initially apply for 30 days. With immediate effect, all arriving passengers at Schönefeld and Tegel Airports will undergo entry checks by the Federal Police.

Arrangements for returning from high risk areas

Those travelling by plane or ship from China, Japan, South Korea, Iran and Italy and then possibly by train and bus must expect inspection upon entering or returning to Germany, and must also fill out a Public Health Passenger Locator Form. This serves to trace persons of contact if a traveller is later found out to be a carrier of Covid-19.

If there is an indication for infection with Covid-19 in transnational transport to Germany, the German federal police will immediately consult the locally responsible health authorities. They will perform individual medical assessments and decide on possible treatment.
Before returning from high risk areas, travellers should check information given by the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) as well as the extensive information regarding travel restrictions and border control from the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Further Information

  • The Robert Koch-Institute provides up-to-date information about developments.
  • The World Health Organization provides answers to frequently asked question about coronavirus.
  • Questions about coronavirus answered:
    • Coronavirus telephone hotline in Brandenburg: +49 (0)331 – 8683 – 777
    • Coronavirus telephone hotline in Berlin: +49 (0)30 – 90 28 28 28
  • Information from the Federal Ministry of the Interior on travel restrictions and border controls

  • Detailed information on the coronavirus from the Federal Ministry of Health

Berlin and Brandenburg

The state governments of Berlin and Brandenburg have issued decrees to restrict public life.

Further information on the current situation in Berlin and Brandenburg:

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