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Father Frost


Presents on New Year’s Eve

On the 24th of December, while we’re feasting and giving each other presents in Germany, Russia is still ruled by a strict forty day fasting period – at least for the orthodox Christians. During this p...



Ireland: Mistletoe and Winter Swimming

First, the house is cleaned. Until it’s all tidy and proper from top to bottom. Then come the festive decorations, the garlands, the mistletoe and holly wreath. It’s an old tradition to hang mistletoe ...

35 million passengers in Berlin


35 Million Passengers in Berlin

Air traffic at the airport location of Berlin continues to grow. Just today, the 35 millionth passenger was welcomed to Berlin.

Boulevard Tegel Christmas 2019


Travel Notice for Christmas Holiday 2019

Schönefeld Airport and Tegel Airport are going to be crowded during the Christmas holidays. Around 1.29 million passengers are expected in the entire holiday period. With the last day of school, the 20...

Christmas Market on St. Stephans Square in Budapest, Ungarn


Witches and Saints: Christmas Time in Hungary

Witches? Are there actually any left and what do they have to do with Christmas? In Hungary, a lot. Every year, on 13th December, Saint Lucia is commemorated with the Festival of Lights. The Hungarian ...

easyJet to Åre Östersund


Skiing in Sweden with easyJet

Winter tourists take note: Sweden’s popular winter sports region Åre Östersund is now just one flight away. Once a week, on Sundays, easyJet leaves Berlin-Tegel for Åre Östersund Airport. Flight EJU572...



Journey to see Sweden’s Queen of Light

Swedish Christmas traditions and customs aren’t completely alien to us Germans. Indeed, we celebrate Julklapp (Jul = Christmas, klapp = knock) and a Swedish take on Glühwein is on offer at most Christm...



Pier 3a Boasts a New Gastronomic Range

Freshly tapped and hand-made: not only can passengers enjoy more space and comfort at Schönefeld Airport’s reopened Pier 3a, but also a new gastronomic range. From coffee specialities or freshly tapped...



Travelling with Large and Special Luggage

From skiing in the Alps to bicycle tours in France or golf holidays in Mallorca: Sometimes a suitcase or rucksack just isn’t enough for a flight. Alongside skis, bikes and golf bags there’s also child’...



Travel Preparations for Flying

The holiday season is the travel season and at Schönefeld and Tegel Airports it will be bustling. With these tips, you can help reduce waiting times at the airport and board your flight stress-free.