With Christmas trees, fairy lights and gnomes in the terminals, there is no shortage of Christmas spirit in Berlin’s airports. 

Christmas in other countries often seems similar, but then it is quite different. We have a few impressions recorded. 

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We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas at the airports

Christmas around the world


A visit to the Christmas market does not necessarily have to be accompanied by sub-zero temperatures and mulled wine. One of Europe’s most beautiful Christmas markets takes place in Madeira.

Iceland Videy Fridarljos Lennon

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with boundless snow, the freezing cold and glittering lights? Scarcely anywhere do these three ingredients come together as beautifully as they do in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. 


Swedish Christmas traditions and customs aren’t completely alien to us Germans. Indeed, we celebrate Julklapp (Jul = Christmas, klapp = knock) and a Swedish take on Glühwein is on offer at most Christmas markets in the form of “Glögg”. However, Sweden has something more to offer at Christmas time. A particularly wonderful Swedish custom and a highlight of the Advent period is the Lucia Festival on 13th December, the day for commemorating Saint Lucy.

Christmas Market on St. Stephans Square in Budapest, Ungarn

Witches? Are there actually any left and what do they have to do with Christmas? In Hungary, a lot. Every year, on 13th December, Saint Lucia is commemorated with the Festival of Lights. The Hungarian popular belief does not only refer to the good Lucia of the Christian tradition, but also the witch-like figure who brings people misfortune. That should be prevented at all costs, of course. 


On Christmas morning, the 25th of December, things get peculiar. A very special spectacle takes place in many coastal towns of the green island: the traditional Christmas swim in the ice-cold sea. 

Father Frost

On the 24th of December, while we’re feasting and giving each other presents in Germany, Russia is still ruled by a strict forty day fasting period – at least for the orthodox Christians. Presents in Russia are opened on the 31st of December. 

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