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Our RSS feeds for you

Stay up-to-the-minute with what’s happening here and get all the latest news by subscribing to our RSS feeds. Choose the feeds that interest you from the list of RSS feeds and compile your free, personalised news and information package.

How to get our RSS feeds

Content and topics that you can subscribe to through our RSS feed feature the RSS symbol next to the headline. Simply click on this symbol; your browser will then display the feed with a button which you can click if you wish to subscribe to the feed.

An overview of the main BER RSS feeds

Press releases

RSS press feed will keep you up-to-the-minute with the latest airport news.

RSS Press releases


Don’t miss a thing with our news feed.

RSS News

Traffic statistics

Once a month you’ll automatically receive our traffic statistics.

RSS Traffic statistics

RSS and how it works

  • What is a RSS feed?
    RSS is a service which automatically sends you updated reports and stories. To use this service, you must first subscribe to it. The subscribed stories and news are then automatically sent to your email address in an email containing a brief summary of the story and a link to the original page.
  • How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?
    The topics you can subscribe to by RSS feed feature the RSS symbol next to the headline. If you click on this symbol, a special page will open in your browser on which you can subscribe to the RSS feed.
  • What programmes do I need in order to subscribe to RSS feeds?
    There are several programmes and services that you can use when subscribing to RSS feeds, including services like Google or Yahoo, email programmes such as Outlook or your web browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • What are the benefits of RSS feeds?
    RSS sends you all the latest news and information from Berlin Brandenburg Airport straight to your email inbox the minute they are published. The advantages for you are that you do not have to keep on revisiting our website to stay abreast of what’s happening.
  • Which RSS feeds can I subscribe to?

    You can subscribe to our press releases, news and the traffic statistics as RSS feeds.