Supervisory Board recommend a project corporation for building Terminal 3: Cable and fire alarm system in Terminal 1 is still not without shortcomings

08.03.19 18:20

Today in their meeting, the airport Supervisory Board dealt with the progress of construction at BER, discussing in detail the critical, required cable works and the fire alarm system. Further topics included the founding of a project corporation for planning Terminal 3, the evaluation of the Supervisory Board and the level of preparation for the BER’s operational launch (Project ORAT).

In relation to the construction progress reports and the TÜV report, the Supervisory Board was informed that there are still many shortcomings concerning the cable works and the fire alarm system. The question of whether, and to what extent, delays in the completion of these works are to be expected was discussed in detail. The Executive Board reported on the respective service providers’ binding commitments to concrete advances by the end of the first quarter. If these are met, the scheduling of the upcoming summer operating principle inspection must not be compromised. In light of TÜV providing their independent, expert perspective on the last few months of building completion, the Supervisory Board were able to gain a more accurate picture of the situation on the construction site.

After extensive consideration regarding a project corporation for Terminal 3, the Supervisory Board gave the green light for the preparation of a project corporation and tasked management to submit the relevant contracts for the founding of a project corporation to the shareholders and Supervisory Board by May 2019.

Furthermore, the Supervisory Board supports management in the purchase intentions for the ILA sites in Selchow. The key factors were both securing the potential to use the hangar and parking areas, as well as securing the ILA at the Schönefeld site beyond the year 2020.

The management informed the Supervisory Board about the level of preparation for the operational launch. As part of so-called Project ORAT, important processes, such as the distribution of the airport companies among the three terminals and the investigations into the concrete relocation of flight operations from Tegel to BER have begun.

In regards to the development of long-haul routes, management reported that in talks during ITB, different airlines have shown interest in taking over long-haul routes. The US ambassador Richard Grenell proposed taking on additional long-haul connections between Berlin and Washington, amongst others, in his presentation of the new Berlin-Philadelphia connection.

The Supervisory Board also dealt with the results of the evaluation of its work commissioned in autumn 2018. In order to determine which points from the self-evaluation should be implemented, the Supervisory Board will meet at the end of May in an additional meeting.

Rainer Bretschneider, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: “Today we have dealt intensively with the cable works and fire alarm system. The responsible companies must really try to keep to the promised deadline here.
The results of our self-evaluation have shown that there is still potential to improve our work as the Supervisory Board. We will take the time to advise and implement concrete improvement measures.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, CEO of Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: “The performance of the service providers is crucial. Together with TÜV, the management and the Supervisory Board will monitor the work closely and critically. Preparations for Terminal 3 are now well underway. The project outline is submitted and the project development should be finalised within the year, along with time and cost frames.”