Airport Night Run at BER: 6,869 runners braved the cold temperatures

14.04.19 00:30

Even the April weather could not rain on the good atmosphere: despite the cooler temperatures, 6,869 runners took part in the 13th Airport Night Run on Saturday evening – once again exceeding the number of participants from 2017. Many Airport employees also successfully completed the run.

The runners had a choice of four events – 1,445 ran the half-marathon, 4,522 opted for the 10k run, 804 entered the 4x4 kilometre team relay and 98 people walked the 10 kilometre track. The Airport Night Run circled around the illuminated southern runway, over the apron and along the terminal of the future Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Airport Manager Engelbert Lütke Daldrup gave the starting signal for the half-marathon at 7:05pm, then at 7.30pm the runners started on the 10 kilometre track.

The half-marathon results

1. Maria Kerres, time: 1:18:28
2. Astrid Hiller, time: 1:20:58
3. Sophia Kaschowitz, time: 1:34:51

1. Hannes Hähnel, time: 1:12:07
2. Dennis Mehlfeld, time: 1:13:52
3. Torben Detlefsen, time: 1:16:13

The winners of the 10 kilometre race


1. Merle Wiegand, time: 0:39:08
2. Jennifer Weigt, time: 0:39:15
3. Anja Döring, time: 0:39:15

1. Leonid Latsepov, time: 0:31:13
2. Marc Schulze, time: 0:31:16
3. Marcel Lehmberg, time: 0:31:29

The fastest 4x4 kilometre relay

Berlin Track Club 1: Kristina Hange, Jennifer Hauke, Hannah Penz, Annika Holland, total time: 1:01:06

Humboldt Eichwalde III – Year 11/12: Franz Arnold, Thede Rosenboldt, Luis Weigl, Finn Wolf, total time: 0:56:50

Kletterwald Schorfheide 1: Mathias Wiesner, Sven Unger, Ines Sobotta, Marc Sobotta, total time: 1:02:32

The fastest company and the company with the most participants

A total of 85 companies took part in the 13th Airport Night Run. The half-marathon was won by Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, the fastest company in the 10k race was the Berliner Pilsner team, and the fastest team relay was the Humbolt Eichwalde School. Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH was also awarded as the company with the most participants.

All results can also be viewed at www.berlin-laeuft.de.

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