Statement from FBB on the RBB Abendschau and Kontraste broadcasts on 09/05

09.05.19 19:30

On the RBB Abendschau and Kontraste broadcasts from 09/05, it was alleged that elaborate dismantling of the media ducts in the BER terminals would be required – this is false. It is true, however, that a cable tray needs to be widened. Work is required here on the structural system for a length of approximately 40 metres and will be completed by the end of May. 

As a result, the operating principle test and the commissioning of BER in October 2020 is not affected or even compromised. 

The broadcast also made the assertion that improperly installed dowels put the October 2020 opening at risk, this is likewise not true. It is correct that metal dowels were installed and there are no problems with these from a technical perspective. For the mounting solutions installed in BER by the construction companies, some design approvals related to the project are still being applied for. Such approval procedures are common for large projects with a higher than average complexity in building technology and have also already been conducted often by FBB. 

FBB has extensively commented on the questions raised by RBB Kontraste. It is incorrect that only "trade secrets" have been pointed out.