Statement from FBB on the Spiegel Online article on 10 May

10.05.19 15:45

The building completion of BER is progressing alongside the expectations that were the basis for the decision made in December 2017 to designate October 2020 the opening date. Since then, the estimations made about each technical crew's completion and construction progress have overall proved to be realistic.

With that said, the management have also reported to shareholders and made them aware at the beginning of April that the building completion and the associated start of operations at BER is within the timeframe set by the supervisory board in December 2017. The main focus on the construction site is the completion of work in two trades – the fire alarm system and cable installation.

Should the completion of this work and thus the operating principle test be delayed, it will be important for the start of operations at BER to begin the so-called ORAT Phase before the final opening. This would also ensure start of operations in October 2020, but would require the full concentration of strengths from all those involved in this process.

The reliability and capacity of this opening date still applies, providing that the commissioned companies fulfil their promise of performance and that the experts as well as the building control authority grant the approvals.

Regarding T2:

T2 is not a project on a greenfield site, but it has a planning history. The challenge was to get planning done in a short amount of time and to call for a Europe-wide tender to stay within the timeframe of an October 2020 opening date.

In the early stages of T2, there were difficulties in the process and no standard project schedule. The project planning had to be carried out under great time pressure. At T2, we have since then overcome this phrase and are on the path to completion in line with the industry standard.