New access to the provisional government terminal / Further optimisation of the transport infrastructure in Schönefeld

31.05.19 13:30

The provisional government terminal on Ramp 1 at Berlin-Schönefeld will have its own access road from the B 96a main road (Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee). Today at Schönefeld Town Hall, the Federal Authority for Real Property Administration (BlmA, Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben), the Schönefeld municipality and Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH signed the contract for the traffic connection to operate the provisional government terminal.

Dr. Udo Haase, Schönefeld Municipality Mayor: "With the streets decided today, we established not only solid infrastructure for protocol operations but also create public added value for Schönefeld residents, the passengers of the capital city's airport and also the growing number of employees in the airport region".

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, CEO of Berlin Brandenburg GmbH: “The easy and secure accessibility of the provisional government terminal is as important to us as access to all other terminals. The contract signed today brings tangible improvements for passengers who take off and land at the government terminal, and for government employees who will work here later too, as we have shortened the route. I would therefore like to thank the Schönefeld municipality and the Federal Authority for Real Property Administration for their constructive collaboration".

The access road is expected to be completed before the provisional terminal goes into operation in October 2020, improving the transport links for the purposes of protocol clearance for the Federal Government and constitutional bodies. This will allow for a second direct connection from the B 96a road to the protocol terminal next to the perimeter road on the Berlin-Schönefeld airport grounds. Thus, during the construction of the final government airport on Ramp 2, there will be a replacement road available while the perimeter road is temporarily closed. The new connection will be established as a private road for the Federal Office without opening it to the public.

Additionally, Schönefeld municipality will create improved connections for the federal area. For this, a connection between the new protocol terminal access road and Kirchstraße will be built as a municipal road. Furthermore, the municipality will renovate Kirchstraße between the junctions of the future Jürgen-Schumann-Allee and B 96a so that it can be used as a redundancy for the protocol operation and for FBB during the construction of the perimeter airport road.

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