Master Plan BER 2040 as a strategic model

Quartiersplatz Midfield Gardens BER

Passenger volumes for 2040 are predicted to reach around 55 million. A strategic mission statement –the BER 2040 Master Plan – was drawn up in order to provide suitable infrastructure tailored to predicted passenger volumes by 2040.
The Master Plan describes the implementation of the infrastructural and urban development mission statement against the background of the sharply rising passenger numbers and puts forward suggestions for the gradual expansion of the new BER Airport tailored to the various requirements over the course of several phases.

The development of the BER 2040 Master Plan is based on three leading ideas:

• Creation of a centralised and flexible terminal infrastructure by way of additional gates, pier extensions and new satellite constructions with a flexible layout.
• Development of a central plaza at the existing BER railway station and passenger transport system with the aim of absorbing and distributing traffic flows.
• Development of an Airport City, which extends from the terminal to the A113 autobahn.

The objectives for the further development of the location are as follows:

1. Availability tailored to the various requirements
2. Operational stability
3. Resource utilisation
4. Positive customer experience
5. Expansion of non-aviation service provision

The Master Plan lays down the framework for the economic and structural development of the region. Therefore, an infrastructural mission statement was developed within the BER 2040 Master Plan project for BER as a property and investment location. It features areas for the development of the airside and landside districts and their main uses.
The Master Plan offers the airlines, the regional economy and all other partners and service providers a clear orientation regarding the development of the airport location.