Discover BER

Willy Brandt - Namesake of BER

Willy Brandt Wall BER T1

The new Capital Airport bears the name of Willy Brandt (1913-1992), one of the outstanding statesmen of the 20th century. As a German, a European and a citizen of the world, he successfully promoted international understanding and the expansion of cross-border encounters like no other.

The room of aviation

Exhibition "The room of aviation" at BER T1

The pop-up exhibition at the new capital city airport takes off on a flight through the creation of BER and the history of flying in Berlin-Brandenburg.

Architectural Art

Check-in hall at BER T1

Five international artists have tackled the theme of "Air-Land" and each created a work of art for Berlin Brandenburg Airport. At BER today, you will find, among other things, a starry sky glittering with ancient coins and a giant glowing pearl necklace.

Walk through aviation history

Historic Picture of Schönefeld Airport

The streets and squares around Berlin Brandenburg Airport are named after aviation personalities and Willy Brandt, who gave the airport its name. Take a stroll through German aviation history at BER.